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Our team of experienced sales professionals and business development specialists work closely with clients to identify new business opportunities and create custom sales strategies that deliver real results.

B2B Outbound Sales & Business Development

Let people with 20+ years of experience in sales help you grow your business.


1 Million +


Wherever you have a startup company, we can be your business guardians. How?

We provide a full sales service for growing companies in SaaS, Cloud, Fintech, High-Tech, and related industries.

Why us?

We were in the same shoes. With an accumulated 20+ years ofย  sales experience we made a strong team of 100 SDRs. Imagine that you get this sales army to do a cold outreach for you!

Our Services

Early GTM

Top funnel support
With a dedicated business development representative and a basic campaign setup, you'll receive the support you need to generate up to 500 leads per month and optimize your messaging with up to 2 versions. Bi-monthly reports keep you informed of progress
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Time to scale up

Our team of sales warriors will work closely with you to set up a full campaign and generate up to 4,000 leads per month. We'll provide a full tech stack, messaging with up to 4 versions, and a dedicated account manager. Plus, with weekly reports, you'll always know what's going on.

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Getting Deals happen
Our Elite Team package is perfect for businesses that want to optimize their sales process. Dedicated business development representatives, full campaign setup, lead generation, a full tech stack, messaging with up to 4 versions and many more services. This package is tailored to your needs
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We can do it Together